Motorola CLIQ XT Vs. Nokia 5230

The Motorola CLIQ XT and Nokia 5230 are both popular, affordable, touch screen smartphones on the T-mobile network, but which one gives you the most bang for your buck? This article will review the pros and cons of each phone and will make a conclusion about which phone our writer favored the most.
Motorola CLIQ XT

The CLIQ XT is the updated version of the previously popular 3G smartphone, the Motorola CLIQ. The XT has a sleek new design that rivals other popular smartphones such as the iPhone, DROID, and DROID Eris. The CLIQ XT is best for social networking, surfing the web, and staying in touch with friends and family in a convenient and fun manner. The XT is packed with many extras such as a 5MP camera, MP3 player, Apps via the Android Market, and many more.

Pros of the Motorola CLIQ XT

• 5MP digital camera- The 5.0MP digital camera takes stunning photos, the quality is superb for a smartphone. The camera quality is perfect for capturing quick shots and comes with a bright flash for capturing photos in low light conditions.

• Design- The CLIQ XT is completely redesigned from the original CLIQ, which includes a lighter weight (4.2 ounces), thinner build (.61″), and overall updated look.

• MOTOBLUR- MOTOBLUR is one of my personal favorite features with Motorola smartphones. The feature allows you to stay in touch easily with all your social networking applications.

• Messaging options- The XT, like any other smartphone, has build in text (SMS), multimedia (MMS), and IM options, as well as email and Facebook. The touch screen keyboard is slightly cramped in comparison to the iPhone 3GS, but is useable for short text messages.

• Wi-Fi, 3G, and flash enabled software- My biggest qualm with the iPhone and my current BlackBerry was the lack of flash support, which is used on many multimedia websites. The built in Wi-Fi and 3G allows for fast internet surfing, and the flash enabled software allows for greater internet use.

• Multimedia player- The multimedia player allows for playing music on the go, FM radio built in, and the ability to watch videos. The Micro SD memory slot allows for expansion for video and music on the device.

Cons of the Motorola CLIQ XT

ANDROID 1.5- Android 1.5 is outdated for ANDROID OS smartphones. Newer ANDROID phones are currently using ANDROID 2.1, which is faster and supports more.

Nokia 5230

The Nokia 5230 Nuron offers an affordable alternative for consumers in the market for an affordable smartphone. The Nokia 5230 is not as advanced as the Motorola CLIQ XT is, but offers a reasonable amount of features for an inexpensive price, which is great for someone who wants to stay connected without breaking the bank.

Pros of the Nokia 5230 Nuron

• Price- Starting at $69.99 with a two-year plan, and $179.99 for a no commitment plan, the Nuron is affordable for the budget conscious consumer.

• Messaging- Messaging options include, SMS, MMS, IM, and email, which makes it ideal to stay, connected with friends and family.

• Free maps- The free maps that are included in the software are perfect for finding directions on the fly.

• 3G capable- The Nuron has real web surfing capabilities, which include fast 3G internet surfing.

• Media options- With a built in 3.5mm headphone jack, video and music player, and FM radio, the Nuron will never cease to entertain you.

Cons of the Nokia 5230 Nuron

• 2.0MP camera- The 2.0MP digital camera seems outdated for a newly released smartphone due to the low resolution offered. I would have liked to see at least a 3.2MP camera, but for the price, the camera is satisfactory.

• Touch screen usability- The touch screen is not as easy to use as the Motorola CLIQ XT is, but is still useable for light to moderate use.

• Flash- There is no built in flash for the camera, which greatly reduces its usability.

Bottom Line

The Motorola CLIQ XT offers the most features for the price and has the most updated look. Although the price on the XT is nearly double that of the Nuron, the extra features, sleek design, and ANDROID OS, make it the obvious choice for anyone looking for a great smartphone. The Nuron, however, has an affordable price, which makes it great if you are on a budget.


Personal experience with both phones